Weekly Recap : Week 2/30 of my London Marathon Training


Week 2, didn’t really go to plan, I only managed 2 out of my 3 runs, partly down to laziness and partly down to fear of injury.

Ever since the Spitfire Scramble I have been suffering from shin pain, I don’t think I have full on shin splints but within 1k things don’t feel normal and even after the shorter 3.5km runs I have been doing recently, I am very aware of shin pain the following day, so as I knew I had the Royal Parks Half Marathon coming up I didn’t want to aggravate things so I stuck with 2 short 3.5km runs again this week

photo (26)

Even though I didn’t manage the miles I had hoped for my friends did, I had friends running in both the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow and the Cardiff Half Marathon, both races I would like to do in the future, I spent the morning watching the Great Scottish Run on TV, cheering on my friends that were running in the torrential rain, I literally leapt from my seat screaming when I spotted my friend Linda who power walks these events for the charity Walk the Walk, despite the pouring rain I was so jealous of my friends running, both routes looked amazing & made me really excited about next weekends Royal Parks Half Marathon, I think it will be tough, but I am secretly hoping for a PB and to finally crack the elusive 2.26 I dreamed of before my first half

10298753_10152820017620439_1744365071493605582_n (1)

On the weight loss front, I lost another 1.5lbs, so 6lbs off in 2 weeks and 14lbs off since I rejoined Weight Watchers as a member.. Yay!!

photo 1 (17)

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