My Poppy Run, Battersea Park, London



Race No 21 – The Poppy Run 5k

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As soon as I saw this race advertised I knew I had to enter, like most people my age my grandparents fought in the war, my ex husband was in Iraq during the early 90’s and I have friends that have been involved in the more recent conflicts so the British Legion Poppy Appeal is something I always support

Unfortunately I didn’t really think the logistics of this one through very well, my local race was being held at night in a park, I am scared of my own shadow and now had to find my way to the registration point in a very large dimly lit park on my own, I expected there to be signs directing you to the start but unfortunately there wasn’t a single one, so I ended up walking around in a very large circle

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The registration process was simple and the bag drop while the least secure I have ever seen (a pile in the bandstand) was perfectly adequate

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The race itself was disappointing, two laps of part of the park, Battersea Park is beautiful and sits between Albert & Battersea bridges unfortunately, the organisers brought us on an earlier pathway so we didn’t get to see the bridges lit up at night. I also managed not to turn my watch on at the start, I am not sure what is going on with me and races recently so I don’t know what my time was other than not good – I also had to stop and tie my shoe laces, what is wrong with me recently

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I have to give a special mention to the goody bag, entry to this race was only £15 and included a t-shirt, medal & one of the best goody bags I have seen at a race, I am loving the Whole Earth Peanut Butter sachets being given out at races recently

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If your would like to register your interest in taking part in one of the Poppy Run events in 2015, please click on the link below


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