My Christmas Wishlist – Whats on yours?

Its getting to that time of year when people are starting to ask for ideas for things of things I would like for Christmas and I have surprised myself that everything on my list this year is either health or fitness related

1) Medal Hangar 

I have medals hanging off every door handle in our house and its getting silly so this is the number one item on my Christmas Wish List and I love this particular one from Ebay as I get to record all the PBs I hope to achieve next year


2) Lumie Light

I have been thinking of getting a Lumie Light for years, I have always found the dark winter nights hard to deal with, I feel my energy levels just drop and I struggle to get out of bed in the morning & a few years ago I worked in an office over looking the River Thames in London, in the summer I felt very lucky to work in a building with glass walls meaning we had a 360 degree view of London, but as soon as those dark nights draw in the building was suffocating, the darkness completely swept over us & this one is on the Amazon Black Friday Preview tomorrow


3) Blend Active

I keep seeing lots of lovely looking smoothies on Instagram and while my current blender can make them perfectly adequately I have been admiring these for long while (I did have one when they first come out bu when I opened the box it was broken and the shop were sold out when we took it back) so it’s a must have for my Christmas list plus those bottles are so cute and can come to work with me


4) Yurbuds or any other brand of earphones suitable for running (I am open to suggestions)

I seem to have funny shape ears meaning all earphones are either uncomfortable or fall out, I have heard really good reviews about these & apparently the come in different sizes meaning if you can get measured they guarantee they won’t fall out


5) Fitbit Surge or TomTom Runner Cardio

I love a fitness gadget, I own a Polar FT4, a Garmin Forerunner 210, Garmin Forerunner 10 & a Fitbit one, each are great in their own right but their was never anything on the market until recently that gave me everything I want, a Heart Rate Monitor built into a GPS watch without the need for a chest strap, the Fitbit Surge is unfortunately not being released until after Christmas but if anyone has the TomTom Runner Cardio i’d be really interested in your views

fitbit-surge     81shsX4TpFL._SL1500_

6) Colourful Compression Socks

I love colourful kit, it inspires me to get out there and brightens my mood, when its dark and grey out there


There were a few other items on my list but I got impatient and bought them for myself

Joggbox Subscription & Flipbelt

If you are a runner I highly recommend you ask for a Joggbox this Christmas, I treated myself to a 3 month subscription but you can get singular boxes, I have received two boxes so far which have included Blister Free Socks, numerous protein bars, powders, gels and hydration tablets, but my most exciting item has to be my Flipbelt, I will do a more detailed blog post on my Joggboxes and Flipbelt but honestly I can not recommend a Flipbelt enough, they have to be a runners no. 1 piece of kit in my opinion

photo (27)

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