Why today’s a significant day in my marathon training

Cat-Singing-Im-So-Excited (1)

So I have some very exciting news (well for me it’s exciting, probably not so much for you guys lol)

But my lovely hubby has accepted a spot in the London Marathon as part of Team Diabetes UK

This excites me for two reasons, firstly because it means I have a training buddy, although he is faster than me I’m sure we will be able to do a few runs together, it’s means he won’t moan and I won’t feel guilty when every weekend for the next few months is spent running & it means he will be keeping an eye on what he eats which will hopefully also make it much easier for me to shed some unwanted lbs


& secondly and more importantly for me Diabetes UK is a charity very close to my heart, today is the 9th anniversary of my dad passing away, and unfortunately my dad was an insulin dependant Diabetic for many years, so next year we will be running the London Marathon in his memory , I am fortunate in the fact that Diabetes UK is also Weight Watchers charity of the year so I have the full support of my colleagues in regards to fundraising & have already raised my husbands minimum pledge but I would love to bring the total to £5,000 before the marathon – nearer the time I will be doing a big social media campaign asking for donations of just £1 as it’s amazing how quickly those £1’s can add up, without hitting anyone’s pockets to hard (I have added the link in case anyone would kindly like to start me off)


Jason used to run at school but hadn’t done any competitive running for 20+ years, so I’d thought our running history was in a pretty level playing field, but then 2 days before last years Run to the Beat Half Marathon he casually mentioned that he had actually run a half many years earlier, I kind of felt a little cheated, like all the times he’d complained during training weren’t justified as he had already ran the distance

 More recently his running or any kind of activity had been pretty non existent due to him picking up an injury (plantar facititis) during Run to the Beat, so a couple of weeks ago knowing we really had to commit to training if we were going to get around a marathon we set off on his first small run in 6 months

photo 1 (24)

Even though Jas hadn’t ran for months he was still faster than me and the run really pushed me, the next few months I want to build up my running confidence, when I am running with someone I can run non stop, but when I am on my own that little voice in my head tells me I need to stop and walk for a bit & a few days later we went out for a 4 mile run, I can’t remember the last time I ran 4 miles non stop, so I was feeling very proud and literally buzzing after this run (you can tell I wasn’t keen to head out for this run, Jason put my trainers on to drag me out of bed)

photo 1 (26)

It was 3 weeks ago that we went out for that first run, today we ran a similar distance, but I am already showing progress, 200m further and over a minute shaved off my time.. Go me!!

photo 2 (22)

But an even bigger personally victory is running up and over a small hill twice, the last few weeks I have been running it heading out for the run and walking it on the way back but today I was determined to power the whole thing, I also noticed a difference in my running today, I felt stronger, it was me leading the way and determining the pace & it felt like a good comfortable pace, even if it is over a minute a mile quicker than I am recently, fingers crossed if I can slowly build my miles I will get the sub 5.30 I am dreaming of

I’m not running today as we are going to Norfolk to see my mum but tomorrow I will run, and tomorrow I’ll be taking my dad with me, I know on marathon day he’ll be watching over us both but I’m going to need his strength to get me through those training miles to, so from tomorrow I’m making him my training buddy too

My dad had a long battle in hospital before he passed away, he went in for a small routine op where he should have been in and out the same day but instead he passed away 11 months to the day since he entered (he was admitted into hospital on the 22nd December 2004 & passed away on the 22nd November 2005)

If my dad was strong enough to fight for 11 months, I’m strong enough to fight my way around 26.2 miles!

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