Naked Running

Before you all get excited this is not what I mean

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What I am talking about is running without any technology, iPod, Garmin etc

Those of you that know me or follow my blog will know that I very rarely run with music (my disasterous Royal Parks Half Marathon shows why, earbuds keep falling out, iPod unclipped from my waistband & was dangling between my legs) but I do love/rely on my Garmin

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But several times recently I have arrived at races and realised I have forgotten to put my Garmin on or worse still I have worn it and forgot to start it, the first mile I feel like I can’t pace myself, I feel anxious, but once I find a natural pace I relax and actually start enjoying the run, I even feel more relaxed knowing that I don’t have to check my times every kilometer & I actually found that when i completed the runs the times had actually been better than usual

I totally understand the need for things like Garmins when running, especially when training for an event but I dare you to try running naked some time

4 thoughts on “Naked Running

  1. I’ve run some races without a watch and actually ran faster than I thought I could or probably would have if I was wearing a watch. My best 5K time was watch free. It was an actual prediction run and you had to guess your finish time and no one could wear a watch in the race. Needless to say, I was 3 min off my guess but had a new PR! 🙂


  2. I’ve accidentally done this in a race before (left my watch at home) and I got a PR! I think sometimes the times get in my head and I don’t end up pushing myself the way I need to. I think I’ll keep mine on for my next half marathon, but for shorter races it’s great to run naked!


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