Giving something back to the running community

Even before I had my accident on Sunday I had decided that after the London Marathon I wanted to give something back to the running community & planned to volunteer at a few events


Parkrun was already on my list, and I had already applied to volunteer at Royal Parks Half Marathon in October & I have also enquired about Run Hackney


Have you volunteered at any events?

images (72)

Is there any you would particularly recommend or suggest that I avoid, or is there anywhere I could offer my services or is it just a matter of looking for races as I would if I wanted to run them

Any advice appreciated

3 thoughts on “Giving something back to the running community

    1. Wow Hayley thats so great of Surrey Half to offer you a free place next year for volunteering this year, if more events done that or even offer half price entrance I bet they would get a lot more volunteers


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