Monday Motivation

This is a very selfish Monday Motivation today

I had my plaster off at the hospital on Friday and received the very good news that my injury is a gastrocnemius tear rather than the achillies rupture they at firstfeared & they are also hopeful that with plenty of rest and doing the exercises I will eventually be given I should also be ok for the marathon – although I was warned to forget about a time and think more of it being a from plaster to Marathon Medal in 12 weeks

While this is all good news I’ve found the last few days I’ve been feeling really down, while my leg was in plaster I wasn’t in any pain but since the plaster has been removed I’m in a lot of discomfort

Also while the Ultra Sound confirmed what the Dr said about the gastrocnemius tear I heard them say that usually the muscle only usually tears by about 1cm whereas I heard them say my tear is approx 2.5cm & a lot higher up than they’d usually expect

I’m now in a boot for at least 3 more weeks and not allowed to put any weight on it for at least another week so still on the crutches, that means there’s potentially only 2 weeks between me coming off crutches and by Kingston Breakfast Run 20 miler & I think it’s all just started to panic me a little especially now I’m in pain

The only thing that had given me a glimmer of hope is this video made by the Spitfire Scramble team, the girl at 1 min 47 of this video wanted to give up after her first lap, she felt she was letting her team down & didn’t believe she had any laps left in her legs, but with the support & encouragement of her team mates went on to complete another 3 laps making my total distance for the weekend over 23 miles & if I can do that, then I am hopeful I will be fit enough to complete the London Marathon, no matter how slow I have to take it

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