London Marathon 9 Week Countdown – The Diary of an Injured Runner Week One

Saturday 14th February

Its just as well we didn’t have any elaborate Valentines plans as it is becoming very obvious I won’t be going anywhere fast, any time soon

I made a pledge to keep a food and return to fitness journal so here goes

Today I have eaten

Breakfast – a protein shake made with a banana and some unsweetened almond milk – 5pp/265cals

Lunch – bacon & egg thin – 8pp/300cals

Dinner – chicken & vegetable  stir fry using rice noodles & zoodles – 9pp/360cals

Snack – Dairy Milk Bar – 6pp/240cals

I also went for my first walk today, I was really shocked how long it took but happy with how my leg felt after and even made a quick visit to the shops to get me out of the house for 5 mins

image (2)    image (3)



102gs of protein

0.5km walked in 15.52

Sunday 15th February

I woke up feeling very confident today after yesterdays walk, so rather than try and walk half of my block I decided to try and walk the full block today, all was going well until 4 doors from home when I felt that pop again in the back of my leg, I am not sure whether I walked to far to soon or whether it was because I went out on only one of the crutches so  my leg was taking more of my weight, I had to call Jason to come and rescue me as I was unable to put an weight at all on my foot again. I wasn’t sure if another trip to A&E was needed so decided to try and remove my cast (easier than I expected it to be and no pain moving my ankle to remove the boot, but it was very tender to touch) so back to the rest, elevation and ice for a few hours and luckily a few hours later I was able to walk again with the boot

Today I didn’t plan to eat as little as I did but after hurting my leg again and having to dose myself up I just felt a little queasy so opted for small higher calorie meals

Brunch – bacon, egg, avocado & a protein shake – 12pp/580cals

Dinner – 2x low fat sausages, jacket potato and baked beans 11pp/435cals

image (4)

23pp = 51/231pp


only 85gs of protein today

1km walk in 26.48

Monday 16th February

My leg was still feeling quite tender today so I decided no walking, yesterday gave me a big wake up call about what a slow process my healing is going to be, that I can’t rush things I need to be patient

My meals today were

Breakfast – protein pancakes & a shake (banana mixed into the pancake batter & shake) topped with a little nutella – 12pp/590cals

Lunch – chicken wrapped in bacon with steamed vegetables – 6pp/270cals

Dinner – lean steak with 2 giant mushrooms stuffed with ricotta – 10pp/455cals

image (5)

28pp = 79/231pp


102gs of protein

rest day,  no walking

Tuesday 17th February

Today was a bit of a rollercoaster, highs and lows.

The highs, look at that sky

The lows, after speaking to a couple of people who have had similar injuries the London Marathon is looking unlikely

But look at that sky, I had to get out for a walk today, I couldn’t be stuck inside when it looks that good outside

Today I have eaten

Breakfast – more protein pancakes, with a banana mixed in with nutella – 7pp/300cals

Lunch – bacon, eggs and avocado – 8pp/305cals

Dinner – tuna, pasta with veggies – 11pp/410cals

Todays pasta in my dinner had added protein, I have never heard of protein pasta before but desperate times and all that, it doesn’t taste any different and the nutritional content is almost identical other than the protein content which was more than double

I also managed a nice slow walk around the block, it was lovely being outside in the sun

image (6)    image (7)

26pp = 105/231pp


86gs of protein

0.5km in 16.38

Wednesday 18th February

It was another beautiful day outside today, so I managed another .5km walk

Todays meals were

Breakfast – a protein shake – 8pp/325cals

Lunch – as yesterday’s dinner just a slightly smaller portion – 10pp/355cals

Dinner – homemade burger topped with cheese, bacon & mushrooms – 12pp/545cals

photo 2 (32)   photo 1 (37)

30pp = 135/231pp


over 150gs of protein!!

.5km walk 15.52

Thursday 19th February

Today was a funny day, I ventured out of the house for a couple of hours this morning, one of the local Weight Watchers leaders needed a hand so came to pick me up so I could help her for a few hours, all I done was sat at a desk for a few hours. no walking or lifting, yet when I got home my leg was really aching, not a painful ache but a man I want to stretch ache that lasted all day

I don’t know if the two were connected but as the day went on, my mood dropped, its 9 weeks this Sunday until the London Marathon and I just do not see how I am going to be able to run it, while I am still clinging to that 1% of hope that I will be able to take part, I think I have reluctantly come to terms with the fact its very unlikely

Today’s meal’s have been

Brunch – an all day breakfast roll from Costa – 12pp/465cals

Snacks – were a bag on Monster Munch and a new Weight Watchers Triple Chocolate biscuit – 5pp/190cals

Dinner – tandoori marinated chicken with brown rice and quinoa & vegetables – 10pp/350cals

photo 3 (16)

29pp = 164/231pp

1,005 cals

only 59gs of protein

no walk either as my leg was aching after going to work

Friday 20th February

Another day, another leg related grumble, today’s was worrying about the logistics of going to the Brighton Half Marathon this weekend, obviously I am no longer able to run, but I hoped to be able to go and cheer on my husband, unfortunately today I realised that may be difficult.

The car parks appear to be at least 1/2 mile from the start finish, I have been offered a seat at the Diabetes UK cheer station but I still have to get there and as the roads will be closed and I am only walking around 1/2km to 1km this is going to be difficult

Understandably my leg is starting to really annoy me now :o(

Today’s meals

Breakfast – a cup of tea and a pack of belvita – 6pp/250cals

Lunch – wetherspoons traditional breakfast – 23pp/960cal

Dinner – homemade meatballs with protein pasta & a slice of garlic bread – 12pp/500cals

picstitch (14)

41pp = 205/231pp


77gs of protein

no walk again, I helped in a Weight Watchers meeting again and was on my feet alot trying to help them set up, so came home tried to rest up, ready for the weekend

picstitch (13)

Not really a lot of positives this week but two little celebration, one comes from the scales where I lost 1lb this week yay!! & the second was I done my first steps!! Well when I say steps it was more of a shuffle, ie one foot moves about 2inches in front of the other, then the next one etc, I don’t think I actually moved much more than a foot in total, but I moved and it was pain free, Yay, YAy, YAY!!!!!

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