Race Recap – Doughnut Dash, Colchester, Essex

DoughnutDashPoster2015 (1)

5 Kilometers, 5 Doughnuts, sounded like such a fun way to spend a Sunday morning with some friends, but as race day got closer the reality of actually having to eat 5 doughnuts while running 5km suddenly seemed a little scary rather than fun

I had heard about this race a few years ago but I always seemed to have another race planned for the same day, so this year when I was on a self-imposed race ban, it seemed like the Doughnut Dash could be a great post injury comeback race

Although I wanted to be able to run at this event, I knew this was a race that was definitely more about the fun than the run (although there was one lady at the first doughnut stop complaining to the poor Scout Volunteers that he wasn’t giving out the stickers quick enough proving we had eaten our doughnuts, so we could run to the next doughnut stop.. there’s always one isn’t there)

I was really happy that I was able to run 5k again before the race, it was the doughnuts that were daunting me, don’t get me wrong I am not saying I couldn’t eat 5 doughnuts, after all this blog is about weight loss, as much as it’s about fitness, but eating 5 doughnuts while trying to run a 5k is a whole different story

photo 1 (49)

The first 1k was quite leisurely along paths within Castle Park, Colchester, that was until we hit the first doughnut station, huge iced doughnuts, I have never seen so much icing, i’m sure they were meant to be ring doughnuts, but the icing machine had been a bit over generous meaning the holes had been filled, lovely under any other circumstances but way to sickly for our first of five doughnuts

The second kilometer was on grass, I hate running along grass at the best of times, I am especially nervous at the moment, scared of dips or holes that I could trip up (I do not want to hurt myself again) add to that a big sickly doughnut in my stomach this race was going to be much tougher than expected

photo 2 (43)

The second doughnut station gave us yummy chocolate ring doughnuts, I am surprised I actually enjoyed any of the doughnuts, but being the chocoholic that I am this one didn’t disappoint

photo 3 (22)

The third kilometer saw us start our 2nd lap of the course and for that we were rewarded with an iced ring doughnut, I found this one a little stale but to be honest the staleness was welcome as it made easier to eat as it felt more cake than it did sweet.

photo 4 (16)

The fourth kilometer saw us back on the grass, I found it a little easier this time around although I am not sure if that was because I just wanted to get finished, our reward for completing our 4th kilometer was a giant iced doughnut with sprinkles, Jason & Jemma had spotted this one on their way around and had been really excited about it but when they finally got the chance to take a bite they just felt to full to enjoy it

photo 5 (11)

Finally we were onto our last kilometer and the finish line was insight, I had presumed that we would get to cross the finish line and then eat & enjoy our final doughnut but oh no, the organisers had other ideas, instead you had to stop steps from the finish line to eat a sugar covered, jam filled doughnut

picstitch (21)

Did I enjoy the race? I think this one is a bit like childbirth, for two or three days after I was saying never again, now I am thinking, yeah why not, its fun running with a group of friends, I’ll just make sure I skip breakfast next time

Was the race good value for money? I think so, at £16 for 5 doughnuts and a medal, I would definitely recommend this race to friends

What if any suggestions would you give to the race organisers? I am a bling girl and while this bling is cute, I would prefer something metal to rubber

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