What makes you smile

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Today is World Smile Day, as we so often get bogged down by lifes troubles I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the things that make us smile.

What makes me smile

My Family


My boys make me smile, when I used to work in the city I used to love coming home on a Friday night shutting the front door behind me, just the three of us at home would make me feel safe & when I was suffering from depression, knowing they were there for me used to make me feel like my troubles had lifted


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Music has always been a passion of mine, whether its listening to music at home or listening to live music, in a bar, at a concert or at a festival, I like music to lift me and to make me want to move, music with energy, anything by Basement Jaxx is guarenteed to put a smile on my face

Being near water


This one is an odd one as I hate the water and can barely swim but, there is something so peaceful about being near water be it the Thames in London or on the coast near my mums, add to that a blue sky & you will ddeinitely catch me smiling


While I was thinking about what made me smile I remembered the the above poem that i’d seen a few years ago, who will you pass a smile onto today?

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