The Minamilist Challenge – Part 2

225  DVDs!!

Seriously who has this many DVDs? (we are actually still keeping over 100 films)

Life kind of got in the way of me keeping up with the challenge on a daily basis so Days 8 – 22 have been done in one big hit and 225 DVDs have been donated to a local charity shop, I had planned to send them to Music Magpie and had planned to donate the money raised to my London Marathon/Diabetes UK sponsor page but I was only offered a pathetic £33 & I guessed the PDSA shop can sell them for at least £1 each so I thought it would be better for them to go there

Think I will probably end up doing a similar exercise for days 23-30 with my CDs seeing as we no longer own a CD player, they are something that probably should have been donated long ago

Have I inspired anyone else to do the Minimalist Challenge, how are you getting on?

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