2015 Round up & 2016 Goals

Sand Raw 004 2015-2016

So I think everyone knows 2016, didn’t go exactly as I planned, I was so excited to be running the London Marathon in April & training was going really well, when I tore my calf & suddenly not only were my dreams of running the London Marathon shattered but I also slipped into a pretty deep depression, something I haven’t suffered with for years, my anxiety came back, making me scared to do things I wouldn’t have thought twice about before, I could write a whole blog post about this period, in fact I have many times, there are 4 saved blog posts in my drafts folder I just can’t seem to press publish but I will try to at some point as I hope it will help others struggling with the same issues but unfortunately today, I am just not quite ready to share


I have set myself some goals for 2016, they are nothing out of my reach and I would love to achieve them but if I am honest I am not feeling them at the moment, I was a month or so ago when I first thought about them, but now not so much, or at least other than running the marathon and drinking more water it just doesn’t feel as much of a priority as it once was

So that is why I have made goals rather than resolutions, I would obviously love to achieve my goals but 2016 I want to be happy (actually that’s my biggest goal there and I totally forgot to add it), I don’t want to be upset that I haven’t achieved certain things, so I am going to see where life takes me, I noticed on Instagram people writing monthly goals & I like that, at the moment 365 days seems to far to look ahead, 2016 is about taking life one day at a time and learning to love & appreciate myself more




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