Marathon Watch – 77 Days to go

photo 1 (59)

Really proud of myself this week, 3 solid runs completed, the first was a 5k fundraiser with PT Mollie, UK Fitness Bloggers for Rods Racing a charity supporting orphans with Downs Syndrome, we met up at The Running Works store in London before we headed out for a 5k run around the city and river, taking in the sights of The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, County Hall, The Monument and St Katherines Dock

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My next run was the London Winter Run a 10k race around London organised by Cancer Research UK, the race I was on my way to last year when I had my accident, you can read my race recap here, a week later I am still impressed with the time we ran, especially as i’d ran 5k the day before & I normally like to have a rest day between runs

photo 3 (27)

& my final run of the week was a quick 3 miler Tuesday morning, I knew I was going to be busy the rest of the week and as we were speaking about activity at Weight Watchers last week I decided to take advantage and go for a quick run before work, I don’t get to run in central London very often and this week I was spoilt getting to run in 3 different parts of London as Tuesdays run saw me run from Oxford Circus, down Regents Street to Picadilly Circus, down to Pall Mall, a lap of St James Park, passing Horse Guards Parade (probably the next time I will be here will be at the end of the Marathon), before heading back to Oxford Circus

Note to self, if I do this route again go early, my run out was fine but its amazing what a difference 15 minutes can make to central London traffic and my run back was stop start, my Garmin even lost its signal, although that may just be that its a rubbish watch, I love my Garmin 10 but the battery life won’t see me through the marathon so I have started to use my Garmin 210, and it just doesn’t seem to like finding a GPS signal, I spend ages standing outside my front door, after waiting 10mins for it to find a signal for Saturdays 5k I ended up starting running and finally 1km later it found a satalite


On the weight front I stayed the same again, I am really going to make an effort to clean up what I am eating, I am trying my best but I am not seeing any results, I don’t even particuarly care about the number on the scales I just want to feel better when I run & I have definitely found the runs a little easier this week after making a conscience effort to fuel myself better for my runs


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