So what if I am being selfish?


Sometimes you need to be


As women we tend to feel the need to look after everyone, our friends our familes, in my case also my Weight Watchers members but whose looking out for me? & what happens if I’ve spent so much time running around after everyone else that I’ve made myself ill, then what happens?

This exact situation occurred last year and I learnt two things

1) those that have happily had you running around after them all year, will still expect that even when they can see your ill and it’s just not possible

2) eventually & it will take time they will learn to fend for themselves

Which is why this year I am taking a brave step, I’m admitting that I plan to be a bit selfish, that I plan to put myself first for a while & even after that whiles finished I still intend to make time for myself on a regular basis

So how am I going to do that, well at the moment life seems to fall into 5 catagories

Family & Friends
Marathon training

& while I envisage those 5 categories will remain for the forseeable future the amount of time I dedicate to each category each week needs to change

I am very fortunate to be in a position where I work for a company that allows me to reduce my hours and offers me some flexibility in some of the hours that I work and also that financially I can afford to take that step back, this is my last week of 40+ hour weeks, from next week I am down to 20, whoop whoop!!


So what am I going to do with my new found free time, well first off I am going to catch up with all the friends I haven’t had a chance to see for the last few months, I am going to enjoy my newly purchased gym membership little bit more, have time to focus on my own weight loss, I am going to dig out my college books & get back into my nutrition course, continue with my marathon training & make time for some regular sports massages to ensure I get around the course in one piece & finally I am going to pencil in sometime each week to just sit down and do absolutely nothing

I am not very good at sitting still and doing nothing, so it will be interesting to see how long this focusing on me lasts but I hope its for a while, I feel like I have plenty of things planned to keep me busy and prevent me from getting bored & have the potential for a very good home / work balance, I even have a holiday planned with some friends, something I haven’t had time for in years.

How’s your home / work balance? Do you need to learn to be a bit selfish or do you have this sussed, if you have this stuff sussed, whats your secret?


(ironically as this post goes live I have spent the weekend in bed getting over a cold, probably because for the last few weeks I haven’t stopped, definitely a wake up call that we need to schedule in some me time into out busy lives)

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