Project Healthy Fit Me


I know I know another name change, what does this one mean, will it magically make me fitter and healthier.. I wish lol

The reason for the name change is my health was suffering.

Over the last few years my weight has steadily gone up (3st in 4yrs) and my fitness levels have dramatically dipped, I haven’t really spoken about it on here but I suffer from anxiety & depression not helped by my B12 deficiency which seems to be getting worse & a few years ago was told by my GP I was borderline Bi Polar & while the anxiety & depression are mostly under control, I realised enough was enough, so I am being a little bit selfish, I am putting myself first for a change, with the support of my wonderful husband I have quit my job to focus on me, to continue my Nutrition studies, to cook myself some healthy meals and actually make use of the gym membership I took out in February.

Project Healthy Fit Me started on the 3rd September when I returned from holiday where I gained 5.5lbs, I have always said the dream was to achieve my Weight Watchers 50lb certificate, I am not sure how achievable that is, it will take me to a weight I haven’t been since 2001 & as I am no longer following Weight Watchers I guess that certificate will remain forever out of my reach, but I am going to keep the same 50lb goal, will I get there? who knows but I will give it my best shot, I do not want a number on the scales to define me, so as I get closer to where I want to be my clothes and how I feel in my own skin will be the bigger decider for me, but that’s still along way off so to start with 50lbs can remain as the goal & I will continue to document my journey here



Start Weight 12st 8.6lbs – Goal Weight 9st .6lbs – Lost This Week 0 – lbs to Goal 50lbs

Body Fat 38.6 – BMI 29.4 – Water 39.9

Waist 99  – Upper Arms 30 – Thigh 59.5 – Bust 107.5 – Hips 113 – Stomach 110

(all measurements are in cm)

I will report my weight loss each weekend, but will only check my measurements, body fat, water & bmi on a monthly basis (I am not even sure how accurate those figures are on these type of scales but I figured as long as the number goes down it is worth recording)

Do you have any weight loss or fitness goals that you are working towards?





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