How is it the end of 2019 already


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Ok so I think its safe to say I am a pretty crap blogger, I had all good intentions of writing more when I last posted in March 2018 but… nothing, zero, zilch, nada.

So whats actually happened in those 21 months, well we have mostly finished decorating our new home, we have had a few lovely holidays, made an extremely extravagant purchase of a hot tub which we love and definitely helps you wind down at the end of a busy day so in my opinion, was worth every penny

I was diagnosed with a high cholesterol & blood sugars, a hormone imbalance, fibroids and possible perimenopause/menopause, I’ve had breast lumps that fortunately have been benign and likely caused by the hormone imbalance, I have had two small surgeries the most recent being last week (I will try and do a post between Christmas and New Year better explaining the surgeries and what’s going on there)

I ran the hardest half marathon of my life, I shouldn’t have even attempted it but I’d promised a friend but the stress of finding the lumps in my breast, then my first surgery followed immediately by a chest infection totally derailed my training, I had to walk the final 6 miles despite managing 9 miles in training on the day I had nothing left in the tank, the day after the race I was back at the hospital having a gyney scan, the day after that I was meant to visit a friend for a coffee, the walk from her house to mine is less than 10 minutes, I walk it daily, but two days after the race I hadn’t even walked a 1/4 of the way there when I had to turn back, I knew my legs just wouldn’t make it, my legs have walked 6 marathons, they run 1 marathon, my legs never fail me but in March 2019 they firmly told me they’d had enough and they wanted a week off


Punta Cana Beach

I caught salmonella poisoning on the last day of a fabulous holiday (that was a fun flight home from the Dominican Republic) I started to fall into depression again, nothing was going right, I was fed up with constantly being ill, Drs and hospital appointments each week

Then suddenly in August things started to change, my mindset started to switch, a friend Mollie decided that following injury she wanted to do a run streak to help her re-find her running mojo, I decided to join her, it was only a mile a day, I could do that, I knew I had a few days holiday booked at the end of August so I made the commitment to myself that I would complete 31 miles by the end of August the equivalent of a mile a day although I may not actually run every day, in fact, I had no intention of taking my trainers to Gran Canaria with me, this holiday was booked to let my hair down, lazy days by the pool, drinking until sunrise, I would have been kidding myself if I said I would run on this holiday

I completed my run streak, I had a fabulous holiday & bizarrely my weight had started moving in the right direction again, a couple of amazing opportunities came my way but self-doubt stopped me taking them up and depression started creeping in again that I wasn’t good enough that I was an imposter, thankfully others believed in me and each opportunity is waiting for me to accept & get started within the new year if only I can start believing in myself


So here we are almost at the end of December 2019, I’d really hoped last weeks surgery would have been drawing a line under all my gyney problems, unfortunately, it hasn’t my surgery wasn’t successful & it looks like I’ll be having some form of hysterectomy in 2020, definitely not the news I wanted, I genuinely thought I’d be entering the decade with a clean slate


So how did I get on with those 2018 goals

  • finish my Nutrition Course
  • sell my flat – SOLD
  • start drinking 2 litres of water a day
  • restart c25k – running a slow but steady 5k
  • finish renovating our home
  • eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  • lose 50lbs – I think I gained more weight since setting this challenge, meaning I needed to lose 57lbs to get to my happy weight, I am 30.3lbs down & confident I will lose the rest in 2020, in fact as most of my plans for 2020 are now on hold until I know when & which surgery I will be having, my weight is the one thing I have control of so will be my priority

So that’s the last 21 months rounded up into a few short paragraphs, 2020 is not gonna be the year I expected it to be but I am hoping I can still make it a positive year with lots of exciting things happening, I had planned some fitness challenges, they will have to be scaled down most likely but I am looking forward to activity being part of my life again, I have got a few holidays and weekends away booked which we are hoping can still take place, so fingers crossed 2020 will still be fab & I promise to post a lot more regularly.

Please let me know how your 2019 has been and what your plans are for 2020.



One thought on “How is it the end of 2019 already

  1. *phew* yeah! here is a better year ahead for all of us! Best wishes for the festive season and HERE IS A FABULOUS 2020!!!! XXX


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