Maybe Menopause


I can’t believe it was a week ago already since I had my op, well half of it anyway
This was me about 30 minutes post-op puffy bloodshot eyes after I’d apparently sat bolt upright demanding to know what they were speaking about as they moved me the 10 feet from the theatre to the recovery area (it’s meant to take around 30 minutes to come around once you get to the recovery ward, I didn’t even make it to a minute
What happened is still a blur, I just remember hearing voices saying the surgery had failed & hysterectomy 3 months, I remember saying ‘what’s failed, whose having a hysterectomy in 3 months, are you talking about me?’ I couldn’t see images everything was blurry, I felt hands on my shoulders pushing me back onto the bed only for me to fling myself up again saying ‘tell me what failed, are you talking about me, have I got to have a hysterectomy?’ I burst into tears as they tried to lay me back down again the voices telling me to calm down & that they’d come and speak to me once I’d fully awoken, that they were the surgeon briefly explaining to my recovery nurse what had happened & that they’d be back to see me in a few hours & that I needed to rest now, that I shouldn’t have woken so soon
I couldn’t sleep though I wanted answers, I think I drifted for about 5 minutes before I fully awoke & crying again, the recovery nurse tried to get me to sleep some more but gave up pretty quickly saying you’re not gonna sleep are you so do you want some food
I was taken back to the day ward for some tea & toast, a nurse came to see how I was feeling, more tears, I wanted to know what had happened, the recovery nurse had confirmed what I’d heard in my blurry state was about me but that I needed to speak to the surgeon for more detail
Three & a half long hours later I finally got to see the surgeon, I’d been admitted to have a hysteroscopy, biopsy & an endometrial abolition, they hadn’t been able to perform the abolition due to me having a narrowed cervix, this wasn’t apparent in January’s surgery, March’s internal & external ultrasound or April’s internal examination it usually caused by one of two things menopause or cancer (my money’s on menopause) so they took some swabs for testing & I’m awaiting the results
Also while performing they hysteroscopy they noticed small polyps which they were able to remove, again these weren’t visible during January’s surgery or March’s scan, again polyps found in the uterus are usually non-cancerous but to be on the safe side they have also gone off for checking
Interestingly apparently polyps are usually found pre of post menopause, I have been saying for years that I believe I’m going through menopause but Drs rely on a blood test which just isn’t proving anything at the moment & that’s likely because I suffer from hormone imbalance caused by everything else going on with my periods etc at the moment & why I’m seeing a gynaecologist in the first place
The surgeon wouldn’t discuss what happens next there & then I need to wait for an appointment which will likely be 3 months away but they did confirm what I’d heard that I would most likely now be looking at a hysterectomy as the less invasive options they had tried last Thursday & in January hadn’t worked for me

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