100 Healthy Days


Right my head has been in a total funk for too long, I’ve been in the worst cloud of depression I’ve known in a while especially as I know of no reason for it, people to tell you to snap out of it & that’s just not possible but I need to try because I cant bare myself like this for any longer

So from tomorrow I am pledging to 100 Healthy Days, I am not sure exactly what that means, it certainly doesn’t mean strict diets, extreme exercise, hating on myself, basically exactly what I am doing at the moment (although as I haven’t left the house in 5 days there’s definitely been no extreme exercise but you know what I mean

So I think the plan is to be kinder to myself, a 30 minute walk each day because it makes me feel good, food that is colourful & nourishes my body rather than food that makes me feel good for 5 minutes, do things that make me happy, like reading or listening to a podcast & to try and find something positive in each day rather than being swamped down by the negatives

I am starting today and if I have calculated things right that should take me to Friday 24th April, which coincidentally is London Marathon Weekend and one of my favourite weekends of the year & I would love to be feeling happier and healthier for that

If anyone has any tips for dealing with anxiety & depression please feel free to share, I’m up for trying anything that may help

One thought on “100 Healthy Days

  1. I don’t have tips for anxiety and depression, struggling myself.,, but how about I join you with 100 Healthy Days? And add Happy to it?
    I pledge to join Nikki with 100 Healthy HAPPY days!
    Let’s do this hunny x


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