Run Through 10k Victoria Park


So this week I hit the ground running.. literally, I talked 2 friends into running the Run Through 10k at Victoria Park with me the day after I returned from holiday, what I had forgotten was I had no food in the house to have before my run, so much for my healthy start I ended having Belvita for breakfast not the best start to my fresh start.

The run wasn’t fun, well running with Lisa was good but man I am out of shape but that was kind of the point of entering to use this run as a benchmark, ie see how bad the run felt and how I could improve.

I am determined to get my 10k time no matter how long it takes!



Project Healthy Fit Me


I know I know another name change, what does this one mean, will it magically make me fitter and healthier.. I wish lol

The reason for the name change is my health was suffering.

Over the last few years my weight has steadily gone up (3st in 4yrs) and my fitness levels have dramatically dipped, I haven’t really spoken about it on here but I suffer from anxiety & depression not helped by my B12 deficiency which seems to be getting worse & a few years ago was told by my GP I was borderline Bi Polar & while the anxiety & depression are mostly under control, I realised enough was enough, so I am being a little bit selfish, I am putting myself first for a change, with the support of my wonderful husband I have quit my job to focus on me, to continue my Nutrition studies, to cook myself some healthy meals and actually make use of the gym membership I took out in February.

Project Healthy Fit Me started on the 3rd September when I returned from holiday where I gained 5.5lbs, I have always said the dream was to achieve my Weight Watchers 50lb certificate, I am not sure how achievable that is, it will take me to a weight I haven’t been since 2001 & as I am no longer following Weight Watchers I guess that certificate will remain forever out of my reach, but I am going to keep the same 50lb goal, will I get there? who knows but I will give it my best shot, I do not want a number on the scales to define me, so as I get closer to where I want to be my clothes and how I feel in my own skin will be the bigger decider for me, but that’s still along way off so to start with 50lbs can remain as the goal & I will continue to document my journey here



Start Weight 12st 8.6lbs – Goal Weight 9st .6lbs – Lost This Week 0 – lbs to Goal 50lbs

Body Fat 38.6 – BMI 29.4 – Water 39.9

Waist 99  – Upper Arms 30 – Thigh 59.5 – Bust 107.5 – Hips 113 – Stomach 110

(all measurements are in cm)

I will report my weight loss each weekend, but will only check my measurements, body fat, water & bmi on a monthly basis (I am not even sure how accurate those figures are on these type of scales but I figured as long as the number goes down it is worth recording)

Do you have any weight loss or fitness goals that you are working towards?





Same old, same old


As you can probably guess my silence means I have been busy being a big fat failure as per usual.

In the few weeks following the marathon I lost 5.5lbs, one week with 3 big nights out and I had regained 5 of those 5.5lbs and the last two weeks I have just hovered.

I have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks tying to work out why I keep sabotaging myself & I think ultimately its because I feel lost, I feel like I have no direction in my life at the moment & I feel like a fraud standing up in front of my Weight Watchers members, when my weight has just gone up & up, I feel like what is the point of me continuing to run when I then go and reward myself with chocolate, when really I would like it to contribute to my weight loss


I know what I want to do, I know how to do it, most of my meals are cooked from scratch, I exercise so it should fall into place right? Wrong, and you know why, because I still have a big big problem with chocolate, even I’m disgusted by the amount of Chocolate I am eating at the moment, but I just don’t know how to break this very addictive habit

Have you ever had a big stumbling block that prevents you from achieving your goals and what did you do to overcome it?

Getting my fit & healthy back


Half of me is ashamed of this photo the other half is proud

The reason why I am partially ashamed is that I know I have regained weight, I thought that training for the marathon would help me lose weight, the reality was even though I knew it was going to make my journey harder the stress of the training the worry that something would go wrong again made me reach for the chocolate comfort blanket


But then I look at the photo & think I was smiling as I passed the Houses of Parliament at 25 miles I literally skipped around that corner, so proud of what I had achieved & I know that the same determination that wouldn’t let me give up on my London Marathon dream is going to be the same determination that gets me back to goal


(excuse the dodgy toenails)

Friday morning I stepped back on the scales, I knew I wouldn’t like what I see but I was no longer afraid to face it, I know you have heard me say it so many times but I really feel like I have it this time, I feel like the Marathon was something so overwhelming for me it took all my focus and now that’s over its time to focus on me again.

I will document my journey on here via a weekly roundup post every Saturday, but if you would like to keep a closer eye on me check out my Instagram where I talk all things food, weight loss and fitness


Are you giving anything up for Lent?


I have never followed the practise of giving anything up for Lent before, mainly because I am not religious and also because as soon as I deprive myself of anything I want it more

Instead I have often committed to something i.e. one year I committed to be a better Weight Watcher and track my meals for the next 40 days, another year I committed to being more active and walk/run 100 miles over the 40 days of Lent


But with the London Marathon fast approaching (74 sleeps) and my weight yo-yoing the same few lbs I have decided things need a shake up, and while I really do not like the idea of giving things up, I actually think it will do me good, I seem to be very all or nothing where food is concerned recently, eat like an angel for 6 days then eat my body weight in chocolate on the 7th

photo 2 (54)

So this year I have decided to commit to giving up 3 things

  1. Alcohol – I can hear many people gasping but for me this will be the easier of the 3 as I rarely drink and my friends know I am on a mad night out ban until after the marathon
  2. Chocolate – I can’t believe I am even considering this, I have decided its just chocolate I can’t have i.e. a Galaxy or Dairy Milk, chocolate biscuits and cake, I am still allowed things like protein bars, protein mug cakes etc, chocolate mousse as I would never usually accept these as a good enough substitute for chocolate
  3. Fizzy drinks – I am a diet pepsi addict, but need to replace my addiction with water as I am still struggling to drink even a litre of water a day

photo 1 (60)

I hate sharing pictures like this one but I really wanted to record my current shape somewhere & I know a lot less people read my blog than will see my Instagram page, hopefully at the end of Lent there will be a dramatic change (like the BodyCoach before and after pics) and I will be a bit less aprehensive about posting the pictures, although I can’t see me ever wanting to post a photo of me in a bikini or in underwear anytime soon

Have you ever given up anything for Lent, how did you get on, or are you giving up something this year



Marathon Watch – 84 Days to go

photo 2 (51)

Only two runs this week but thats only because I have runs planned for Saturday & Sunday, Tuesday & Friday this week, the miles have been increased and last Saturdays run was 5 miles & the miles will steadily progress from hereon.. eek, its getting serious

photo 3 (25)

Meals have been ok ish, I ate out a few times and had friends over one night & we ordered a pizza, something I realised on my 5 mile run last Saturday is it takes me much longer to feel energised when I run these days, I feel sluggish & its problem because I am 2st heavier than when I ran my first half marathon 2 years ago and because where I am working long hours at the moment I am not eating as well and that has to change.

Image (10).jpg

So for the next few days I am making a conscience effort to fuel my body better in the run up to this weekends London Winter Run, I am hoping it will help me feel a lot more energised and shock me to make some changes that can stay in place for the marathon

photo 1 (57)

One of the plus sides of the longer runs is taking in some different routes and last weekend saw me running laps of Fairlop Waters Country Park, there is something so peaceful & calm about being near water

& the scales, well the scales went down 1lb, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have liked more but if I can average a lb a week until the marathon I’ll be happy



Marathon Watch – 91 Days to go


I am feeling unusually confident for someone who hasn’t done that much training, but I honestly think the break has done my leg some good as the runs I have done over the last week might have been slow but they have felt good

I have booked some races and to help with my training and am really excited

download (82)

31st January – London Winter Run 10km

6th February – The Race Organisers Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km

download (83)

14th February – My Virtual Valentines Race (let me know if you are interested in taking part, entry is £8 and includes a cool heart shaped bling)

21st February – St Lukes Hospice Test Track 10 miles

28th February – Roding Valley Half Marathon, effectionately known as the Half from Hell, or 13 miles & 13 hills


5th March – Run Through Victoria Park Half Marathon & the Supernova 5k (what on earth was I thinking!!)


20th March – Vitality North London Half

16th April – Run Through Events Battersea Park 10km


24th April – LONDON MARATHON BABY!!!!!

Let me know if you are doing any of the above races, it would be great to see some familiar faces

Marathon Watch – 100 days to go

So Friday 15th January marked 100 days until the 2016 London Marathon & how is my training & weight loss going.. erm not so well


Well that changes HERE!

I have said it a million times before, this time I will lose weight, this is my final fresh start, blah blah blah

photo (48)

But this is really happening, there are no more third chances I want to make it to the start and finish line of the London Marathon this year & while I feel oddly positive about my lack of running (I think the rest has done my leg a lot of good), its amazing how I spent the whole of last year wanting to run & then as soon as I got the all clear to run I suddenly couldn’t be bothered, I think there is still that voice in my head reminding me that my leg isn’t 100% healed which makes me nervous about putting in to many miles before the big day, but touch wood pretty much no running for 8 weeks has made the only 2 runs I have done niggle free so fingers crossed we may finally be injury free.


My weight concerns me, I am almost 2 stone heavier than when I ran my first Half Marathon in 2013, I am not happy at my current weight, so why can’t I do it?

The simple answer is I am greedy, I love food, I loved my slimmer body but apparently I loved food more, especially chocolate, I keep reading about how sugar isn’t good for me but I like it & honestly every day is a battle to say no to my sweet best friend

But I know the marathon will be easier the lighter I am so I am resurrecting the 100 Day Challenge & I am going to try my best to be 24.5lbs lighter by 24th April, I will update you every Wednesday with a new blog post series I will be calling Marathon Watch

2015 Round up & 2016 Goals

Sand Raw 004 2015-2016

So I think everyone knows 2016, didn’t go exactly as I planned, I was so excited to be running the London Marathon in April & training was going really well, when I tore my calf & suddenly not only were my dreams of running the London Marathon shattered but I also slipped into a pretty deep depression, something I haven’t suffered with for years, my anxiety came back, making me scared to do things I wouldn’t have thought twice about before, I could write a whole blog post about this period, in fact I have many times, there are 4 saved blog posts in my drafts folder I just can’t seem to press publish but I will try to at some point as I hope it will help others struggling with the same issues but unfortunately today, I am just not quite ready to share


I have set myself some goals for 2016, they are nothing out of my reach and I would love to achieve them but if I am honest I am not feeling them at the moment, I was a month or so ago when I first thought about them, but now not so much, or at least other than running the marathon and drinking more water it just doesn’t feel as much of a priority as it once was

So that is why I have made goals rather than resolutions, I would obviously love to achieve my goals but 2016 I want to be happy (actually that’s my biggest goal there and I totally forgot to add it), I don’t want to be upset that I haven’t achieved certain things, so I am going to see where life takes me, I noticed on Instagram people writing monthly goals & I like that, at the moment 365 days seems to far to look ahead, 2016 is about taking life one day at a time and learning to love & appreciate myself more