Life is a Rollercoster – January Recap


January Weight Loss : 7.5lbs

January Mileage : 50 miles

#1000kmchallenge : 80.2/1000km

Rollercoaster image

We are one month into 2015 & boy has it been a rollercoaster, I started to notice towards the end of last year that my depression was coming back but it seems to have gotten more severe very quickly, with the silliest of things causing me anxiety and making me withdraw from those that I care about, and while i feel sad and guilty about that, I actually feel happier in myself like its one less pressure to be fake/happy

photo (30)

My running hasn’t gone quite as well as I had hoped, caused by a niggling calf pain but I have stuck to my commitment to run 3 x a week and have clocked up over 80km towards my #1000kmchallenge & I have lost an amazing 12.5lb since rejoining Weight Watchers as a member on the 1st December, so its not all been bad, I have even had a few highs, getting a place in the Nike NTC Week run, taking part in a SweatyBetty & Elle Magazine Pop Up Pilates class, going to the Jillian Michaels Maximise Your Life Tour & a 10k run through the Olympic Park, but I will tell you more about those in another post

photo 1 (32)

a nice nighttime run with the husband

photo 3 (11)

a cheeky 10k around the Olympic Park on a very cold Sunday morning

photo 4 (10)

a very early morning run with Nike NTC Run Club

photo 5 (8)

the plus side of early morning runs is getting to see beautiful sunrises

I am looking forward to February, touchwood giving myself a break from all things social has meaned I am starting to feel a bit happier/calmer. February is kicking it off with the London Winter Run that I hope will be a lovely 10km through London & also get a weekend in Brighton for the Half Marathon, so I am hoping to clock over 100 running km next month