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I have lost count of how many fresh starts I have had over the last 4 years, I was going to totally scrap this blog and start again but then I realised the fact that I try and fail proves I am human & it is what has made me relatable & is why so many people comment or email me about their own journeys. I am not and will never be a natural athlete but I do feel happier in myself when I exercise, it clears my head from the days stresses and it makes me want to make better food this is why I plan to make this blog a journal of my journey

But that journey has also evolved I have suffered from mental health issues since 2001, mostly I have had it under control but there have been times when it most definitely controlled me & I am fighting that battle now

Does anyone else struggle to understand the thoughts going on in their head, have an internal battle every day with every simple decision you make?

Yes, well then hopefully you will find some solace in my little corner of the internet knowing that you are not alone & that there are others out there fighting the same battles every single day & hopefully we can help support one another

No, well then I apologise in advance because my blog probably sounds like a bunch of drunken ramblings a lot of the time, but often writing those muddled thoughts down helps me understand them better and clears the fog in my head

So this blog will be a little different, I want to take back control of my mental health, rather than let it control me, in the past activity has definitely helped so hopefully If I can motivate myself enough to get out of bed there will still be a lot of activity, some chat about nutrition and weight loss & some general lifestyle chat, I am currently in the process of selling my third property in 12 months and managing a full renovation of our new home

Anyway I hope you will bear with me, I hope you enjoy what you read and  if you are going through something similar I hope it helps to know you are not alone & I promise to myself as well as to you that I am going to start putting myself first again that my mental & physical health will become a priority