Winter Run Series – Race Recap

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I so wanted to be writing a happier race recap of this years London Winter Run & I will, but before I start I wanted to share my experience of the start line

As we headed to the start line I went to do my usual pre race selfie & Facebook check in, when something caught my eye, my news feed was full of the words RIP Terry, the sad news broken that Terry Wogan had passed away, another life taken by cancer, we are only one month into 2016 and we have already lost so many British icons, David Bowie, Alan Rickman & now Terry Wogan to this awful disease


While everyone was excited to run, the start line definitely had a more sombre feel, there was even more of a poignance as to why over 15,000 runners were standing in the rain waiting to run 6 miles on a dreary Sunday morning & when the going got tough during the race it certainly made you think, yes this run is tough, but fighting cancers tougher & my struggle is nothing compared to what many others are going through

Those of you that have been following my journey for a while will remember me being so excited about polar bear hugs & snowflake bling at last years London Winter Run and instead I got a free ride to the first aid tent, lots of sugary tea, a plaster cast for my leg and my London Marathon dreams shattered (click here to read more)

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I must admit as excited as I have been for the last 18 months about this run it has definitely been hanging over me like a dark cloud, I know its stupid, this race had nothing to do with last years accident, but pschologically it has been a barrier I had to pass through, maybe its because the 1st February marks a year since the accident but I have felt for months that if I can get through this race then I will be ok


In 2015 the race route ran along the Thames, unfortunately this years race was more inland (possibly due to road works down the embankment) & a little boring, I love running through London but today’s race was a lot of side streets and doubling back on ourselves, the only sights I spotted were Trafalgar Square at the start, St Pauls Cathederal & the Houses of Parliment at the finish line

Poor route aside the support along the route was great, snowmen, polar bears and penguins cheering us on, snow falling (thankfully only the fake stuff) & a fab bling waiting for us at the finish line


I ran the race with my friend Jemma, we are both running the London Marathon this year and our training runs have been around 12 minute miles, so baring in mind today was a fun run we were hoping for a finish time of around 1hr 15, so you can imagine our faces when we crossed the finish line in 1hr 8mins, its given us both a much needed confidence boost, I have a few niggles in my leg (I actually typed niggles in my head & I am wondering if that is nearer the truth & that the niggles are in my head) but I am hoping some stretching and a few days rest they will pass as the marathon training is starting to get serious over the next few weeks

If the London Winter Run sounds like a race you would like to take part in, why not click on the link below to register your interest in next years event.




Winter Running & Marathon Training

Hands up how many of us look forward to getting up on a dark morning to go out for a run, or spend all day at work knowing that when you leave the office it will be dark again & there’s still no time to relax once you get home because you still have a run to do..

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I book races, last year before I got injured I had several races booked as part of my marathon training and I will be doing the same this year.

Here is what I have booked so far

November 15th – WestRun, London 10k (enter HERE use the code Sweatshop25 for a 25% discount, entry closes 26/10/15)

December 5th – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10k (enter HERE)

January 31st – London Winter Run 10k (enter HERE & use the code SIMPELLE to receive £3 off your entry price)


February 21st – Test Track 10, Basildon 10 miles (enter HERE)

March 20th – North London Half, race finished inside Wembley Stadium (Enter HERE)

I probably want another half late February early March, the plan is to add a few miles onto the North London Half to get to around 16 miles that week then I need to find an 18/20 miler, I was booked into the Kingston Breakfast Run last year but I am not really keen on booking that race again, I am a medal whore and for 20 miles I am going to be given a mug rather than a medal, erm no I don’t think so, I can’t even think why I thought this race was a good idea last year other than I have heard its a good route with really good pacers (actually thinking about it, its does sound like a good event I just want a bling for my efforts, come on Human Race Events, get us some bling!)

How do you keep motivated to run during the winter?

Let me know if you will be at any of these events or if you can recommend any others (I am based in East London/Essex boarders)

Running with an Olympian

Race No. 20 – Running with an Olympian

(ok so I know this wasn’t a race but it was to amazing not to go in my  26 races in 2014)

Those of you that know me will know I consider myself to be Mo Farah’s training buddy, after running the Bupa 10,000 with him in 2012 – running the same race means I helped him get his Olympic Gold medal, right? & then this years Great North Run – he won it this year, last year he came second, what was the difference? Me, I was there running with him!!

Seriously I’m like his good luck charm, maybe Mo should enter next years London Marathon with me running too he’s practically guaranteed a win

Last Tuesday I moved my allegiance from Mo & had the privilege of running with yet another Olympian & current European Women’s 10,000m gold medalist Jo Pavey


Jo lead us on a 5k run to promote the new London Winter Run, an exciting new 10k that will be taking to the streets of London next February taking us past many of the iconic landmarks , that the route will pass next year like St Paul’s, the Thames, the London Eye, Westminster and Tower Bridge


(that’s me in the pink trainers hidden at the back)

We also got to experience one of the many snow machines that will be out on the course next year (I have my fingers crossed I will not have to deal with the real stuff on the day) & test out the polar bear hugs waiting for you at the finishing line, they were fab!


While we were running Jo was chatting to everyone offering advice and tips on training, how to cope with injury etc

After the weekends Royal Parks Half Marathon fiasco I had really had to drag myself out of bed to attend this run on a wet & windy morning but I’m so glad I did, there is something incredibly inspirational about running with someone like Jo


But even more inspirational than Jo were the 4 ladies there who were there running and representing Cancer Research UK the London Winter Runs chosen charity, each of these ladies are in training for next years race and have either beaten cancer or are still under going treatment, even writing this brings tears to my eyes they are the true inspirations and heroes of this race

If you would like to take part in next years race, places are still available but the race is booking up fast, Elle from Keep it simpElle has secured this fantastic discount, other discounts are available if booking as a group of 5 runners, so what are you waiting for come and join us & enjoy some winter fun