Monday Motivation

I have been talking about this on Instagram for weeks but have yet to put my words into practice

While my eating has definitely been better there is still room for improvement, I am finding myself caught off guard where dinners haven’t been planned and there is nothing in the house.

Doing all the  gym classes on offer aren’t going to help me if I am still eating rubbish.

So this week I am going to plan my meals in advance to ensure I stay within my allowances and to ensure I am eating to fuel my body, I have a 26.2 mile walk to do Saturday night, so my nutrition needs to be spot on.



Monday Motivation


This seems so apt after my weekends activities, I may or may not have signed up to another walk in a few weeks time and I may have helped my friend come to the conclusion that training for a full walking marathon next year may or may not be a good idea, but more on that later in the week (Look out for my Shine Walk Recap)

I have always found going for a walk or run good for clearing my head after a busy day, & to give me a bit of me time, I think that’s probably why I started suffering from depression & anxiety again after my accident, being stuck indoors with nothing but daytime TV to keep me company while being told to keep my leg raised and rest was not good for my mental health

What do you do to unwind or where do you go when you need some time out or some time to think things over?