Does Sugar Make Us Fat

Every where you look at the moment someone is talking about how sugar is bad for us

So you can imagine my distress when me the worlds biggest chocoholic started studying nutrition and even my text books were pointing the finger at my sweet best friend


The article above talks about Jamie Olivers #SugarRush campaign & as with all the other articles I have read makes a good argument as to why even at my 9st 7 & running half marathons slimmest self I was still able to pinch a lot more than an inch around my waistline

A few weeks ago my Sky+ was tuned to record Jaime on C4, & I wondered if the cute cockney could convince me to tackle my sugar addiction & dramatically reduce my often 2 bar a day chocolate habit


Unfortunately for me, the program didn’t quite hit the mark, there was no new news, I already knew about the risks of diabetes and the effect sugar can have on your teeth (can you believe at 42yrs old I have never even had a filing) & while I do not proclaim to be an expert in the ‘sugar’ field, I am an expert in my own weight over the years, my body & my chocolate addiction


So here are my insights into the ‘does sugar make us fat’ debate

Ultimately I do not think any food is bad for you, nor do I think any food or food group for should be banned from our diets, but I have always believed that moderation is the key for certain foods, I now accept that my beloved chocolate falls into this bracket, I found out many years ago that I have a wheat intollerance & for around a year I was made to eat wheat and gluten free (this was years before wheat & gluten free substitutes where readily available in the shops) thankfully I do not really like bread which is the biggest hurdle for many when being told to go wheat &/or gluten free but I do love pasta, I think my problem arose because I was often eating pasta for lunch and dinner so could end up eating pasta at least 8x a week now I limit it to once a week and touch wood I do not have the same issues I had in the past.

If I could just adopt the same approach to sugar, as I did to pasta, then maybe my pinch around my waist will reduce.

I am not prepared to give up chocolate, I personally do not believe it is necessary nor realistic but I do understand it would be better for me if I could reduce my sugar consumption, and something that has surprised me over the past few months is the hidden sugars in foods, even some foods that are considered healthy come very close to being labelled High Sugar, so this is an area I know definitely focus on to try and make savings in my daily sugar intake


I have slowly been trying to reduce my sugar intake for the last 2 months and have managed to reduce my body fat by 2% not a lot I know but its the first time I have seen my body fat go below 40% in around 10yrs, so I am going to continue trying to make small changes and continue to monitor my body fat %, I would love to see it below 37% before Christmas which would require a reduction of around 1% a month


If you missed Jamie’s SugarRush you can catch it HERE

Product Review – Battle Oats Bars


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent some Battle Oats bars to review

I am not normally one for breakfast bars/cereal bars/flapjacks & biscuity kind of things, I want my treats to be real chocolatey naughtiness with absolutely zero nutritional benefits

So unsurprisingly these bars sat in my cupboard for a few weeks, I had even been carrying the Cranberry & Blackberry Fusion bar around in my bag for a few weeks, incase a peckish moment ever came up but as a Weight Watcher I couldn’t quite ever bring myself to justify the 7pp spend on one bar (I could have a Dairy Milk for that!!)

But last Sunday after the Royal Parks Half Marathon feeling utterly drained & unable to satisfy my hunger, i decided to give the Dark Chocolate Chip bar a try.


Advertised as a gluten & wheat free protein bar I was hoping these would satisfy my hunger and my cravings for something sweet but if I’m honest I was expecting to be disappointed but I just didn’t have the energy for a trip to the shops

I couldn’t have been more wrong in my expectations for this bar, it was absolutely delicious, very moist, extremely filling, it had real dark chocolate chunks which you could actually see & taste, basically it was none of the things I feared it would be and everything it promised to be


After enjoying the Dark Chocolate Chip bar so much, I now couldn’t wait to try the Cranberry & Blackberry Fusion bar, suddenly the next morning those 7pp didn’t seem such a bad spend, this bar could work as a breakfast on the go &  it certainly filled me up, but would this bar be as good as the Dark Chocolate bar, I’m a chocoholic after all


Well the answer was a resounding Yes!!

The Cranberry & Blackberry Fusion bar was equally delicious, my only negative on either bars was I found this one slightly crumbly, but that could have been because I carried it around in my bag for over a week but even so the bar had kept it shape and hadn’t crumbled or broken inside the packaging

(I can not say the same for of the many other bars that often find themselves at the bottom of my bag making them less appealing to eat when hunger does finally strike)


So would I buy Battle Oats, most definitely in fact I made a special trip to a local stockist a few days ago to stock up (actually I have another small gripe, now I have tried them I want to be able to buy them easily, and at the moment they are only available to buy online or via a small number of stockists mainly Crossfit studios, these need to become available via places like Holland & Barrett, in my opinion these bars are tastier than the equivalents they are currently selling) & I can not wait to try the new bar they are teasing us with on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but haven’t yet revealed

Last but not least, the facts


Battle Oats bars are high protein, gluten free, &  they are made from 100% natural ingredients, but I will leave the sales patter to them, here’s what  Battle Oats have to say about their bars

‘Battle Oats are gluten free protein bars made using fine English oats, butter, coconut oil, protein isolate and other 100% natural ingredients. No palm oil!

Battle Oats protein bars are hand made and oven baked in the UK in small batches ensuring freshness and quality.’

NB Even though I was sent these bars to review the opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced in anyway