My Nosh 3 Day Juice Fast – Review

I have always been into all things weight loss and have pretty much given every diet out there a try, the one exception was juicing, I love food to much, dieting is hard enough without giving up food completely

However I was tempted, I had been suffering with stomach cramps a lot recently & taking food out of the equation for a few days suddenly seemed tempting & I kept reading about how I’d feel clean inside at the end of the 3 days


This is what Nosh have to say about their Juice Fast

Feel overweight, tired, bloated and run down?

Ready to take control of your health but not sure how to start?

Want to release weight painlessly without feeling hungry?

Need to boost immunity the easiest possible way?

With our super easy Beginners juice fast you will not go hungry while achieving your ultimate goal of weight loss, eliminating bloating and restoring the digestive system.

This juice fast is perfect for first timers and people who like eating!

We have included all the benefits of our Original Nosh Juice Fast with added extras.

My answers were yes, yes, yes!! So when I saw an offer on the Nosh 3 Day Juice Fast through one of these daily deal sites I decided to give it a try especially as before seeing the offer I had already been doing some research about juice detoxes and Nosh was one that kept popping up

My box of goodies arrived quickly and I had decided I was going to give the fast a try the week before a friends wedding (for anyone interested these juices worked out 4pp each so 24pp a day for the 6 juices, so this was never a quick fix option)


I must admit, I dreaded this, did I really want to lose weight that badly that I would consume nothing but juice for 3 day, they all looked the same, so beige and blurgh, totally unappetising, surprisingly I am pleased to say they tasted better than they looked, and I am shocked to say I found the first day easy, I didn’t feel hungry at all in fact fitting in all the juices was actually my problem I felt like I was constantly drinking


Unfortunately though I only managed one full day on the fast, I am not sure whether it was just the problems I have been having with my stomach lately or whether it had something to do with the cleansing powders I had to drink but the next day the cramps in my stomach were back


I have still used my remaining juices but as meal replacements when busy etc or as a snack throughout the day

Would I do another Juice Fast, I honestly thought the answer would be no but I would have liked to have seen how I felt after 3 days, this was never primarily about weight loss and more about that clean feeling and clearing my insides of any nasties that keep causing my cramps (well that went well lol) but I think next time I’d possibly try a DIY version, lookout for a future blog post in January

(one thing I have noticed and makes me more sceptical of the Nosh brand is that when I made my purchase in September, this was referred to as a Juice Cleanse/Detox, now its being called a Juice Fast, jumping on another bandwagon/fad are we Nosh- but then I suppose that’s what help business’s survive & makes gullible consumers like me buy into their products

NB : this review is my own personal opinion, I received no discount when making my purchase and have not received payment for my review

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