I have some exciting news!!

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I have accepted a place with Diabetes UK to run next years London Marathon, I have spent a week umming & ahhing, the main thing worrying me being the fundraising but after speaking to my physio who has advised that after completing two 10+ mile walks in the last few weeks with no major issues that I should be ok & that I am no more at risk of injury than anyone else & my issues are now more of fear rather than mechanical


I managed a nice 30 minute run yesterday and plan to start training properly this weekend, there will no doubt be lots of races being booked as race prep & I have 4 Virtual Races planned as part of my fundraising (more to follow on these but if you are in the UK & would like to join my Halloween race entry is only £7.50 & a minimum of £5 will go to Diabetes UK & you will receive a pretty cool bling, please leave a comment below & I will be in touch)


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