The Minimalist Challenge – Part 1

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will have seen that I have decided to take part in the Minamilist Game (click HERE to find out more)

The idea of the game is declutter our homes and lives, on day 1 of the game, you trash, donate or sell one item, on day 2 you trash, donate or sell two items & so on until you get to day 30 when you will need to trash, donate or sell 30 items

So far I am loving the challenge, I am not the most domesticated of people but if I knew a declutter could be this much fun I’d have tried it months ago

photo 1 (51)

So far on day 1, I binned a pair of Croc boots, on day 2 a pair of bikini bottoms (haven’t seen the top in years) and a hairband went in the bin, day 3 it was 2 pairs of shoes and the boot cast I had to wear after my accident that landed in the bin and on Day 4 it was 4 magazines were relegated to the trash

photo 2 (45)

Day 5, I finally found some bits worth selling and donating, 2 DVDs sold and a DVD a pedometer and a flashing wristband were given away & day 6 saw 6 cuddly toys go off to a local charity shop to hopefully find a new home & day 7 saw 7 DVDs being given to friends

photo 2 (46)

photo 1 (52)

I will update in a few weeks time how I am getting on, its already starting to get tough but I am determined to be ruthless and declutter

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