Marathon Watch – Less than 4 weeks to go

Absolutely nothing to report on the running front unfortunately, I have had an awful chest/viral infection for over 4 weeks, at least my physio will be pleased he wanted me to rest my legs


I had been hoping to do my 20 mile run this weekend but as I  was getting breathless walking a mile that was never going to happen, the plan now is to eat well for the next 3 weeks and try and get better, I am hoping to try and get out for a few runs this week and if I am feeling better I will try and do 18 miles next weekend, even if I walk the whole thing Id be happy just to have done the mileage but realistically I just can’t even see me being ready to walk 8 miles let alone 18, but I will keep you posted

Are you training for an event, how are you getting on?

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