My Weekend at GI Jane Bootcamp

Have you ever spent the weekend at a bootcamp or wondered what one would be like?


A few years ago now I was lucky enough to spend a weekend at GI Jane Bootcamp in Sittingbourne, Kent, even though I was very nervous about my first residential bootcamp, I had a fabulous time & would love to go again.

While I was there I kept a journal & I posted this on a blog I was keeping on the Weight Watchers website, as I still have very fond memories of my weekend at GI Jane & am hoping to visit again soon I thought I would share my experience with you here as well

My GI Jane Bootcamp Diary 


I got up in the morning and made myself an omelette with bacon medallions mushrooms, 10gs of LF cheese and onions and 100gs of baked beans  then headed into London to meet my friends for the train to bootcamp, I bought a M&S Count on Us Tuna Sandwich  to eat on the train which I shared with my friend, I think the realisation was starting to set in that we may not get fed very much this weekend

When we arrived we were shown to our rooms then asked to return to our rooms in our gym kits while we waited for the other attendees to arrive.

There were 10 of us there that weekend, ages ranging from early 20s to late 50s, some had been before, others were Bootcamp virgins like us, some had several stone & wanted this experience to kick start their journey, others looked very fit and athletic already and saw the experience as a challenge as to how far could they push themselves, some like us where there for the weekend others were there for a week, the girls that had been before took pleasure in telling us how tough things would be & how hungry we would be, I have kept a food journal below and while the portions weren’t large I can honestly say I wasn’t hungry once.

After a quick chat with the PTs asking about any injuries etc & our expectations for the weekend they threw us straight into our fitness test a 1.3mile run, followed by 60 seconds of sit ups, press ups and squats

For dinner we had a small Jacket Potato with homemade quorn chilli and a side salad which I have guesstimated to be 10pp, but my WW friends I went with think that’s probably to many PP

I finished Friday on 21/26pp & my Pedometer said 10,437 steps so only 2APs today, bit disappointed we didn’t do more activities


We had to be up and on parade for 6.30am for another 1.3 mile lap of the triangle, after some stretches we went back to the house for breakfast.

After breakfast we were back for another run, 3 miles followed by circuits, crunches, squats, press ups, wide arm press ups, squat thrusts, leg kicks, star jumps, tricep dips between each set, doing rounds starting at 10reps per round then 8, 6, 4, 2

Then we had snack time, followed by more circuits, this time we had one person running a lap pulling a set of tires while the rest of us were doing different exercises with weights bars, kettle bells, dumb bells, and medicine balls, I was really impressed with the PTs for this activity, there were a few exercises that they thought I would struggle with due to a rotator cuff injury so they showed me alternative exercises for the same muscle groups

After lunch we went out for a 4 mile walk carrying a stretcher which was laden with guns (wooden imitation not the real thing) & water bottles, the day finished with a Pilates class to stretch those tired muscles & boy was it needed

Saturday we ate

B Porridge made with water, raspberries and blueberries and a 1/2 teaspoon of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon – 4pp

S – Crisp Bread topped with Houmous – 2pp

L – homemade lentil soup with 2 oat biscuits & a tangerine – 4pp

S – Activia Fat Free Yogurt with a teaspoon of Pumkin Seeds and 2 Brazil Nuts – 5pp

D – Salmon with Green Beans and Carrots, with a drizzle of fat free mint sauce and yogurt dressing – 6pp (my first time trying salmon)

I finished Saturday on 21/26pp & I clocked up 27,288 steps on my pedometer so 11APSs not including all the weights work we did


We had another early start and again done 1.3 mile triangle run again (I was starting to hate that triangle, especially as I remember a little incline at the start), then we headed for breakfast, followed by boxercise, a snack break then another 1.3mile run this time in reverse, followed by a 7mile walk/run carrying a 5kg weights bar.

After lunch we done something called  Iron Soldier which involved running up a hill, picking up various army equipment, first supply boxes, then 2 supply boxes filled with sand, next a Jerrycan filled with water, and finally a large munitions box, all weekend we had heard horror stories about the Irom Soldier from some of the other girls who had attended before & it was tough but in a short and sweet kind of way, if you have coped with everything else the guys had thrown at you you have nothing to worry about with Iron Soldier.

After Iron Soldier we had another snack, Netball and then more circuits, this time a combinations of sit ups, press ups, squats, get ups, half crunches, plank, kettlebells, arm curls and shoulder presses with the weights bars etc, doing these while our partner ran laps around the house and you couldn’t finish each set until they returned

We finished Sunday with a nutrition class with the camp nutritionist, we had been asked to take a food diary from the week prior to our visit so they could give us pointers so we could make better choices once we left

Sunday we ate

B – Same as Saturday – 4pp (we had a choice of Museli which unfortunately I don’t like)

S – 1 Ryvita topped with a thin spread of philly extra light – 1pp

L – Mixed leaf & Beetroot salad topped with tuna and sweetcorn mixed with some fat free mayo – 3pp

S – Pumkin Seeds, Brazil Nuts & a 1/4 of an Orange – 2pp

D – Chicken Casserole, one whole chicken breast cooked in stock with veggies – 5pp

I finished on 15/26pp & clocked up 33,502 steps on my pedometer so 15aps again not including the weights work we did


We had our final early start for our fitness test to be redone, we were slightly slower but that was to be expected apparently with our sore legs, then we jumped in a bucket of ice cold water to help our achy muscles.. Ouch but sooo good!


& the result, I lost 3lbs & 4.5inches since Friday 

The trainers advised we could lose another couple of lbs this week due to our bodies still being in the fat burning zone so I have my fingers crossed for 1.75lbs to get me into the 9s and my Weight Watchers GOAL!!


I can not recommend the GI Jane boot camp enough, its amazing what our bodies can achieve when we break the physical and mental barriers

I attended the bootcamp with a couple of girls I met via the Weight Watchers website, between us we lost 11.5lbs and 18.5 inches & I’m so proud of each and every one of us


I am very pleased to advise that when I weighed in the Friday after my visit to GI Jane Bootcamp so a week after I had arrived, I lost another 3lbs taking my weight loss to 6lbs over the week, I continued to eat well snacking on nuts and seeds, I bought houmous for the first time ever & I continued with my 1.3 mile daily run and ensured I also walked 3 miles each day

As you can see, I loved my time at GI Jane and would go back in a heartbeat, unfortunately finances will not permit it at the moment, but if you would like to find out more about their week, midweek, weekend, one day or even their new Thailand bootcamps please click the link here

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