Adidas Boost Bootcamp

Race No 25 – Adidas Boost Bootcamp – London Marathon Training Day

Ok so I am getting a bit desperate so I am claiming this as a race, this chest infection has floored me and ruled out my final 2 runs (Regents Park 10k & a Christmas Day Parkrun) but when you are told by an Olympic Marathon runner that you shouldn’t be running you listen right!


I was lucky enough to win one of 100 places at an Adidas Bootcamp held at the London Marathon store in London, I had been looking forward to this for weeks and as my cough was only in its early stages I was determined to attend, after all with Olympic Athletes Liz Yelling, Scott Overall and Ultra Distance Runner and Super Slimmer Steve Way all their to offer advice and support who wouldn’t want to be there

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The day started with with a 5k run & we were given a shiny new pair of Adidas Boosts to try out (sadly these had to be given back after our run), the run was mile out and back to a local park and a miles worth of tempo running led by Liz, unfortunately due to my chest infection I really struggled with the tempo running as at the best of times I only have one pace (slow) and today I even that was a struggle, when we got back to the store Liz, Scott and Steve all done a short talk about their own marathon experiences and shared their top pieces of advice, their were also brief talks from representatives from Adidas and Lucozade, as well as a physio and a sports nutritionist

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The 3 biggest piece of advice I took from the day were

1) Listen to your body, someone asked with cold & flu season approaching when should you run, both Steve and Liz answered this by saying if it is a head cold you should be ok for sort slow runs but if its in your chest its a no, apparently Steve had recently gotten over a chest infection so had been out of running for 2 weeks, as they knew I had struggled during the tempo run, I was used as an example of when you shouldn’t have run :o(

2) The most important run is your long run, not that anyone would recommend only running once a week we were told that if that’s all we could squeeze in then make it a long run, and to increase distance gently 

3) I am not sure this is a great piece of advice but its something thats certainly stuck with me the 7p’s ‘Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance’

At the end we were also given the opportunity for one of one chats with any of the experts and were invited up for photos, I couldn’t resist a quick pic with Steve Way, as someone wanting to lose some weigh myself and interested in everyone’s weight loss journeys plus attempting to run myself Steve is one of my biggest Runspirations

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Finally we were all given the opportunity to have a free gait analysis and offered a 20% discount on any purchases we chose to make & finally if we did make a purchase we were very kindly all given an Adidas Goody Bag worth £130, well it would be rude not to make a purchase wouldn’t it

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In the Goody Bags there was a foam roller and physio ball, an adidas phone holder, running cap & gloves, a bag for life and a gym bag, a sports towel, energy gels, lucozades, deoderant, shower gel, aftershave and a few other bits, unfortunately I didn’t buy my boosts, these Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s fitted me like a glove and while I usually go for something brighter I decided to be sensible as I was now training for a marathon and listen to the experts and make my purchase based on fit and comfort rather than colour and style.

While the day was hosted by Adidas we did have some contact with the staff from the London Marathon Store and if you ever find yourself in London I would definitely recommend paying them a visit (I am taking my husband there next week for a gait analysis and to get him some new shoes for the marathon) I had my gait analysis done by Jason the store manager who couldn’t have been more helpful especially when he tried to accommodate my need for pretty coloured shoes rather than boring blue & even if you don’t have a need for shoes or new kit the store is still worth a visit just to check out the London Marathon memorabilia, I loved the route map & the wall of medals and my friend and I took cheeky photos, her pointing at the medal she received for completing the 2014 Virgin London Marathon & me pointing at the gap for the 2015 medal


The London Marathon Store also host their own running club the 26rs that meet several times a week, more details of the 26rs and when they run can be found here

Weekly Recap : Week 1/30 of my London Marathon training


This week has been full of so many highs,

Finding out two of my running buddies also received places in this years London Marathon, I have a group of friends from across the country that meet a couple of times a year to eat, drink and run, this year Lynsey, Lois & I were the VLM cheering squad for our friends Cazz, Jemma and Laura who were running, we almost covered a marathon walking across London that day as the queues for the tubes were crazy, even spectating we were tired but still we cheered every runner as they passed &  when we saw one of our girls, there were jumps, screams, hugs, tears, it all got a little crazy

Now the 2014 cheer squad have become the 2015 runners, I can not believe we all got lucky in the ballot!!


It will be so good having the girls as support, even though we live 100’s of miles apart, London, Newcastle and Glasgow, we talk pretty much everyday and over the last year have completed Half Marathons in Amsterdam, Bath & Newcastle together, I honestly couldn’t have better running buddies

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Having an absolutely fantastic day at work on Friday, it was a long day, I spent 15hrs at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, talking to people about Weight Watchers meetings and advising people that in certain area’s they may be eligible to come along to our meetings for free for 12 weeks, I haven’t felt this fired up about work in a long while, the members that come along to my meetings are amazing and very inspirational, in fact at the moment struggling as I am with my own weight I feel a fraud standing up in front of them each week, but from a colleague perspective our job can be quite lonely as we only see colleagues a few times a year, so this event really brought us together as a team and its given me such a huge boost & made me realise that I am not alone & I am not the only one who struggles with my weight occasionally


But the biggest highs were sticking to my running schedule, taking part in the #onebigfatrun virtual 5k, (well actually I was hungover from my friends wedding so I only managed 3.5k, but to be honest I am just pleased I laced up my trainers), I then done another 3.5k a few days later before heading down to Parkrun at the weekend to celebrate their 10th birthday


& finally the scales were kind, 4.5lbs off, fingers crossed for another loss next week

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The Countdown is on

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Sunday marked 30 weeks until the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon, and as I’m very slightly ahead of the game knowing I have already secured a spot having received a coveted You’re In magazine last year, I have decided to start planning already, so Friday night I created my training plan, 30 weeks may seem a little excessive but as I have only completed 2 non stop 10ks, without a few teeny walking breaks, its time to start taking my training a bit more seriously


My plan is to run 3x a week, gradually building my miles and incorporating lots of races, for anyone that’s interested my training plan is below, along with detail of the races I have entered, it would be really great to meet some fellow blogger/runners at some of the races, its amazing how a friendly face or an encouraging smile can get you around a few extra miles

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4th October 2014 – International Parkrun Day, 5k

12th October 2014 – Royal Parks Half Marathon

24th October 2014 – The Poppy Run, 5k

26th October 2014 – Great South Run

9th November 2014 – Royal Parks Series, 10k

16th November 2014 – Movember, 5k

22nd November 2014 – Norwich Half Marathon

7th December 2014 – Santathon, 5k

14th December 2014 – Royal Parks Series, 10k

18th January 2015 – Royal Parks Series, 10k

1st February 2015 – Winter Run Series, 10k

22nd February 2015 – Brighton Half Marathon

28th February 2015 – Race the Pace Half Marathon

15th March – Essex 20

29th March 2015 – Hampton Court Half Marathon

26th April – Virgin Money London Marathon!!!


To aid my training I have also rejoined Weight Watchers as a member, because lets face it, its got to be easier running when you are carrying less ‘excess baggage’ so along with weekly updates letting you know how I am getting on with my running I will also share my weight loss progress

I found these photo’s on my Instagram account a few weeks ago and I really want to get back to this weight in time for the marathon

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I understand the 2015 You’re In & Sorry magazines are hitting doorsteps as I type, my husband has just received the Sorry, but I think he is secretly relieved, he has been offered a charity place and luckily I have already raised his minimum fundraising through work but I think he is going to have to pass on that also as he has been suffering with Plantar Fasciits all year.

Good Luck to everyone who is waiting on the postman, please let me know how you get on, it would be great to have some fellow VLM’rs to follow and share training with